the end of the age

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After shocking His disciples with the prophecy concerning the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, they asked the Lord then for signs that would signal the end of the age and His coming. He responded by telling them to watch for a very specific event…the abomination of desolation spoken of through Daniel.

Just what is this key event that will signal the end of the age and the coming of Christ? We’ll find out on today’s Life-Study of Matthew broadcast.

The end of the age begins with verse 15 (Matt 24). Verse 15 says “When therefore you see the abomination of desolation which was spoken of through Daniel the prophet…” Abomination here means the idol, and here the doubt…refers to Antichrists’ image, and that image will be able to speak (according to Rev. 13). When the great tribulation comes, the idol…the image of Antichrist…will be able to speak and that idol will be the abomination and this abomination will bring in the desolation in 2 ways. (1) when He (Antichrist) will setup His image forcing people to worship him, he will destroy all religions and (2) this abomination this idol will provoke the Lord’s anger. God will come in to destroy Antichrist.

And this abomination, this idol will stand in the temple in the holy place. This means Antichrist will setup his image to be in the holy of holies. This is clearly revealed in Daniel.

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