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I'm putting together an open source PHP class library primarily in order to facilitate the mapping of n+1 environmentally specific parameters to an application. So when the codebase is released from one hosting environment to the next (e.g. going from stage to preproduction or localhost to stage), the application will "know" which environment it is running in, and it will use the appropriate parameters.


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The CRNRSTN Suite :: will also provide the ability to apply a layer of encryption to both session and/or cookie data as well as apply IPv4 and/or IPv6 address access restrictions.

When I entered the workforce as an HTML developer (after the start up companies), I used PHP on the side to put together various portals and tools for quality control...heck...even web services. Sadly, I never had the time to carve out for myself a PHP class library for the gaining of efficiencies in product maintenance, development and deployment. While working at Moxie, I really could have used an out-of-the-box/plug-n-play class library with the capability of facilitating an application's compliance with a mature development shops' RTM processes.

I needed a class library that would support and standardize fundamental architectural and operational requirements.

It also needed to be capable of performing flawlessly (read as fast and light) in some of the most brutal hosting/traffic environments known to man.

Since transitioning out of the agency job, I have had the opportunity (and the time!) to roll up my sleeves and jump knee deep into the code. I put this project together so that I could have a mature development framework...a proper starting place...for all of my web development (LAMP stack) projects. The CRNRSTN Suite :: will be the culmination of years of contemplative thought, many hours spent in application testing & development, countless cups of coffee and a hint of marijuana.


In ancient times, a home could be constructed using large stone pieces to provide key support to the structure at the foundation, corners and top. A cornerstone, therefore, is the joining piece that connects together two walls of a house. Also, the foundation stone and roof (topstone) would be connected at the corners.

Pro Tip (Christian) :: When Jesus came, He came as the reality of the cornerstone (the real cornerstone) joining the "wall" of the Jewish believers to the "wall" of the gentile believers together in the building of the church.

Jesus is the Cornerstone (Eph. 2:20, 1 Peter 2:6) in the building of the Father's house...the church...joining all of God's people together in Himself.

According to the footnote 3 on Eph. 2:20 in my Recovery Version study Bible, when the Jewish builders rejected Christ, they rejected Him as the cornerstone (Acts 4:11; 1 Pet. 2:7), the One who would join the Gentiles to them for the building of God's house.

Well, to liken the act of building a house to the process of coding a web application...or I should say elegantly correlating web application requirements for portability under rigid release to manufacturing (RTM) processes to the simple illustration of a cornerstone joining the "wall of server" to the "wall of application", I have taken a modern technology staple and cast it under the warm analogue glow of the ancient world of house building.